casecombineparts001059.jpg casecombineparts001058.jpg Case Augers and Related Parts
Case Combine Parts for Models 1420, 1440, 1460, 1470, 1480, 1482, 1620, 1640, 1644, 1660, 1666, 1670, 1680, 1682, 2144, 2166, 2188, 2344, 2366, 2377, 2388, 2577, 2588, 2586, AFX 8010.
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Elevator Conveyor Chains
Feeder House Chains
Impellers & Wear Bars
Rasp Bars
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Rotor Cones & Wear Items
1420 Combine Parts
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US Farm Parts offers an extensive range of premium quality Case-IH combine aftermarket parts.
1680 Combine Parts
1682 Combine Parts
1688 Combine Parts
2144 Combine Parts
2166 Combine Parts
2188 Combine Parts
2344 Combine Parts
2366 Combine Parts
2377 Combine Parts
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Adjustable Chaffers and Sieves.

They feature Nylon Adjustment Arms & Cushions in each wire hole to improve adjustments and reduce friction, wear and breakage. Individual replacement louvres and nylon parts make for easy repairs, no welding.
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Augers and Related Parts
Chaffers & Sieves
Combine Belts
Concaves & Grates
Clean Grain & Return Elevator Chains.

Elevator Chains have rubber paddles with a rigid nylon paddle to help carry more grain and to keep the bottom of the elevators clean, especially in moist conditions. Paddles are bolted to the chain using 5/16" plated locknuts for quick repairs or replacement.

 Rubber paddles also available.
Two or Three Chain Feeder Chains.

Slats which are mounted directly over the roller pins to prevent stretching, and are bolted to the chain with 3/8" Grade 5 or Grade 8 hardware for easy replacement. CA550 and heavy duty CA557 roller chains feature full side plates for added strength and are available with chrome pins for longer wear.
Feeder House Parts
Case Combine Feeder House Pulley casecombineparts001050.gif
Case Combine Wear Bars and Blade Kits.
(Elephant Ears)

Standard, Hardened and Chrome Wear Bars.
Optional oversized Wear Bars cover a larger portion of the tip of the impeller blade, giving it longer life. High strength grade 8 hardware included.

Marlins Impeller Blade Kits.
Case Combine Rasp Bars.

Improve combine performance by replacing your worn and damaged Rotor Bars with long lasting Loewen bars.

All sets are matched for equal weight distribution on the cylinder, and come complete with Grade 8 hardware.
casecombineparts001048.gif casecombineparts001047.jpg Rotor Cone Transition Cone Impeller
Case Combine Rotor Cones, Transition Cones,
Rotor Cages, Impellers and Rotor Supports.

Cones are made of C1045 high carbon abrasive resistant steel, and are designed with only one welded seam for less wear points and longer life. 3/16" and 1/4" thick cones are available with Standard or Stainless Steel Vanes..
Rotor Hubs Parts
Case Combine Rotor Coupling, Hubs and Pulleys.
Rotor Vane Kits
Case Combine Rotor Vane Kits.

Rotor Cone Vanes are available in 1/8" or Heavy Duty 3/16" thickness in Standard, Hard Chrome or Stainless Steel.
Case Combine Rotor Hub
Vane Transports
Case Combine Vane Transports.

Vane Transports are made of C1045 high carbon abrasive resistant steel for longer wear. Pre-drilled to fit the Rotor Cone and available with Vanes.

Vane Transport Vanes are available in 1/8" or Heavy Duty 3/16" thickness in Standard, Hard Chrome or Stainless Steel.
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Case Combine Feeder House Parts.

Feeder House Drums, Arms, Doors, Feeder House Bottoms, Reverser Parts, Hubs, Pulleys, Shafts and more.
We offer Case Combine Augers, Case Combine Belts, Case Combine Chaffers and Sieves, Case Combine Concaves, Case Combine Elevator Chains, Case Combine Feeder Chains, Case Combine Feeder House Parts, Case Combine Impellers, Case Combine Rasp Bars, Case Combine Rotor Kits, Case Combine Chopper Parts, Case Combine Spreader Parts and More.
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Aftermarket Case Combine Parts

Case - IH Combine Parts

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Shipping Locations

Charlotte, NC
 Denton, TX
 Dixon, IL
 Indianapolas, IN
 Jacksonville, FL
 Prosser, WA
 Rock Valley, IA
 Seymour, MO - USA
 Visalia, CA - USA
 Williamsport, PA - USA

All parts are not at all warehouses.
If you would like to confirm which warehouse your parts will ship from and estimated delivery times, please call 800-851-3014.
Case Combine Concaves and Grates.

Made from Grade 1045 high carbon steel.
Line bored and cross bars are precision machined to a uniform height which provides an even threshing edge for improved threshing and separating.
Case - IH Combine Augers.

Available in Standard, Extended Wear and Stainless Steel.

 Auger Elbows, Troughs and Elevators.
PIX Case Combine Belts.

Manufactured to OEM specifications .
Double & Triple Wrap as per application.
Cord Type and position as per application.
Call 800-851-3014.
One piece construction.
Does not require bolt on extensions.
Models: 1680 1682 1688 2188 2388 2577 2588 5088 6088 & 7088.
Only $1250.00
Includes Truck Freight
One piece construction.
Does not require bolt on extensions.
Models: 1680 1682 1688 2188 2388 2577 2588 5088 6088 & 7088.
Only $1350.00
Includes Truck Freight
This system contains everything you need to install the system including the color monitor, 1 color camera, cabling and mounting hardware.
Only $295.00
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CabCAM - Wired System
32 ' of Night Vision
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